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About BungeeFit

BungeeFit® is a fun aerobic workout with the twist of being attached to a bungee rope by a state-of-the-art harness. The bungee adds resistance and allows temporary suspension in the air, giving you the feeling of flying! BungeeFit® offers the best of both worlds - a high intensity workout with the added bonus of being kind on your joints! It is an all-over body workout, incorporating elements of dance and aerial circus arts with toning exercises such as squats, press-ups and lunges. You will even learn to float above the ground - Mission Impossible style! Once you have mastered the basics of BungeeFit®, why not try our more advanced Acro Bungee classes, where we use specially designed double-bungee harnesses that allow you to somersault 360 degrees in the air!

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